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Surfside Records: SR4001CD

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: "B"

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DJ Mike: Overall I liked 12 out of 19 songs so I guess a CD with 12 good songs makes a good album. Overall I think the production is good. General Johnson did a good job on this CD although there are some bad cuts which are very prominent. I would like to see a wider range of material covering more dance styles. I'd rate this CD a "B"

DJ Jim: I agree with DJ Mike in that any compilation with 12 good songs makes a good CD. Although very few of these songs will go down as all time favorites for me, the CD is certainly  acceptable. Overall. the CD has a very 70's Soul sound which I find in much of General Johnson's music. Personally, I don't care as much for this sound. I think this CD was produced specifically with Shaggers in mind, but there are Boppers all over the country, and I don't think they will find this CD exciting. I'd also rate this CD a "B".

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Track Rating Review
01 A One In A Million by Big John Thompson.

DJ Mike: This song is a great version already drawing people to the dance floor. Only out since SOS, itís an old Larry Graham song. DJ Jim: I agree, this is the sound of Myrtle Beach. This is definitely a Shaggerís song. Our dancers would probably hear this song as a Cha Cha but I really like it. Shaggers will love it.

02 B Don't Walk Away by General Johnson & The Chairmen Of The Board.

DJ Jim: I like this song. It has a very different sound and is probably more suitable for Shagging than Bopping. Itís slow and sultry and doesn't sound like your typical beach song. DJ Mike: As a dance tune I donít like this one. It has a very 70ís sound typical of General Johnson. It may work at the beach but probably not for our club.

03 C You Want It, You Got It by The Showmen.

DJ Mike: This song is fun to listen to, again very 60ís or 70ís, but I donít see it as a danceable song for Boppers. DJ Jim: I agree, very 70ís sound but I donít think it will make Boppers want to dance. Shaggers might like it but I donít really think it works well for them either.

04 B You Want It, You Got It by The Showmen.

DJ Mike: This song is fun to listen to, again very 60ís or 70ís, but I donít see it as a danceable song for Boppers. DJ Jim: I agree, very 70ís sound but I donít think it will make Boppers want to dance. Shaggers might like it but I donít really think it works well for them either.

05 D Beach Boogie DJ by Tommy Black.

DJ Mike: This is another song which just doesnít cut it. Itís cute and happy but not a dance tune. DJ Jim: I donít think the vocals are very good on this tune. I agree with DJ Mike, itís kindaí happy but not one of those songs that just makes people get up to dance. I probably wouldnít play this one at all.

06 C Sugar Daddy by Terri Gore.

DJ Jim: This is another song with a distinct 70ís sound but I'm not sure Ilike this song much. Terri Gore has some great songs but I donít think this is one of them. DJ Mike: This was really hot at the beach and many of the Shag DJís say this is their favorite song on this Cd, but I donít hear it. Maybe it needs to grow on me and Iíll try it out on the Bop crowd, but right now, I donít really care for it.

07 A Whole Lotta Lovin' by The Breeze Band.

DJ Mike: This one I like. I never thought Iíd be Shaggin to Led Zepplin. This song is ok straight up but DJís might want to speed it up a bit. DJ Jim: I like this song. I think The Breeze band has produced some great music and this looks like another winner. I agree with DJ Mike, this is Led Zepplinís ďWhole Lotta LoveĒ , but itís a great re-make for Shaggers and Boppers.

08 B Running Back To You by The Fabulous Kays.

DJ Jim: Another good beach group. This is a good Shag smoothie. It doesnít really reach out and grab you but it has a very nice sound. Has a bit of a Cha Cha sound. Probably better for Shaggers and West Coasters. DJ Mike: Good song and itís nice to hear from The Kays again. I think the vocals sound a little muddy, almost like the lead singer is in the backround. A nice Smoothie.

09 A Turn Your Love Around by Jackie Gore.

DJ Mike: This is one of my favorites on this CD. As re-makes go this is one of the best Iíve heard. This is an Al Jareau song and is another 70ís song but I think most dancers will like it. Jackie Gore is faithful to the original songís sound. DJ Jim: Youíre right Mike, very 70ís and probably better suited as a Hustle although Shaggers and Boppers will also dance to it.

10 C Mockingbird by The Butch Hargett Project.

DJ Jim: Boppers will probably like this song. Itís not an artist Iíve ever heard of but itís credible. Overall I think this song is just ok. The original was never a favorite of mine so this one isnít going to be either. DJ Mike: Of all the songs a singer could re-make why this song. WhyÖwhyÖwhy?

11 D Somebody's Sleepin' (In My Bed) by General Johnson & The Chairmen Of The Board.

DJ Mike: Once again a 60ís or 70ís sound. I like this song but I canít see it as a dance song. DJ Jim: This entire CD has had a 70ís disco sound and I have to say that is not one of my favorite eras. I donít really like this song. It begins like "Shaft". I think the Shaggers could dance to it but I donít see it being a great song for Boppers or Shaggers.

12 B Never Be Another by The Breeze Band.

DJ Jim: This song has a Cha Cha sound and would probably work well as a Shag Smoothie but Boppers wonít find it fast enough for them. Once again I find the song lacking. It doesnít make me feel like dancing at all. DJ Mike: The Breeze is one of the best bands on the beach music scene and they prove it once again with another great Shag Smoothie.

13 A+ Sabrina by Tommy Black.

DJ Mike: This is a terrific production with great vocals. I canít believe itís the same artist as Beach Boogie DJ. I love this song and Iíll probably play it every time I play. It has the makings of a beach music classic. DJ Jim: Smooth, beachy, the Shaggers will love this one. Great sound, and as DJ Mike says, a beach music classic. This one will be around for a long time and will be high on the request list.

14 A Lov-A-Fied by Sammy O'Banion & Mardi Gras.

DJ Jim: Once again a song for the Shaggers  or West Coasters.  The beat isnít very strong so I donít think Boppers will like it that much. Theyíll dance to it but it wonít be one of their favorites. DJ Mike: I agree, Boppers wonít like it very much but overall I think itís a great song and I think it will be a hit with Shaggers.

15 F The Little Head (Does The Thinking) by Ernest Scott & Coffee. 

DJ Mike: This is a John Hyatt song who is a rock country artist. This song shouldnít even be on this CD. I donít think it has any style and doesnít seem to fit any particular form of dance. DJ Jim: Couldnít agree more. This song doesnít make me want to do anything but fast forward to the next song. I canít connect it to any type of dance either. Sure doesnít sound like beach to me.

16 A+ Love Thing by Nicky Harris.

DJ Jim: FinallyÖa song for Boppers. Great back beat, this one will get them out of their seats and onto the dance floor. I like this one. DJ Mike: This song is good  and I agree the Boppers will love this one. Hits hard. This is the same artist who did Collard Greens and that was a great Bop song as well.

17 C Let's Celebrate by The Fabulous Kays.

DJ Mike: This one I donít like. This sounds like a bad bar song. It has a nice beach sound so the Shaggers will probably like it but I think itís too generic, just filler music. DJ Jim: I know what you mean, itís not a bad song and it definitely sounds Shaggy. Itís got enough of a beat to get Boppers on the floor but I agree that it sounds like filler music, just something to take up space on the CD. Itís not one of my favorites.

18 A Don't Wanna' Cry Over You by Nicky Harris.

DJ Jim: Oh Yeah, this reminds me of ShakinStevens and I LOVE "Shaky".  "A Love Worth Waiting For" is one of my all time favorite songs . Our Boppers might Cha Cha to this one but you can Bop to it. I like the sound of this song. In fact it might be my favorite tune on this Cd so far. DJ Mike: Good song. I like it but of course itís a Cha Cha. Itís a nice change of pace for Nicky Harris and it works well. I agree with DJ Jim, this does remind me of Shakin Stevens.

19 A It's All In The Family by General Johnson & The Chairmen Of The Board.

DJ Mike: I like this song a lot. I think it has a lot to say and itís one of the few good dance tunes that seems to carry a positive message. Good for dancing and good for the soul. DJ Jim: I hear you, most of our music is about drinkin' and chasin' women, not exactly the best message to send. Once in a while someone writes something a bit more inspirational. Itís also a pretty good dance tune. I like the sound. Itís a bit slow for Boppers but Shaggers will like this one.

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