Beach Party
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Beach Party

Various Artist

Ripete Records: 2322

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: "B+"

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Overall we're rating this CD a B+. It's definitely a CD you will want to add to your collection. Even the songs we didn't like that well weren't necessarily bad songs, we just didn't think they were that danceable. This CD is a good way to collect the best songs from a variety of artist's CD's. Some of these songs aren't available on any other source at this time.

This CD will be available at Beach Music specialty retailers such as Judy's House of Oldies, The Wax Museum, The Record Rack, Steven's Cave or Ripete Records.


Track Rating Review
01 B Stand By Me by Bill Lyerly

Jim: An old standby with a good sound for Shaggers. Boppers will find it too slow but might hear it as a Cha Cha

Mike: Definately a Cha Cha. A good version but doesnít rattle my chain. Nice to play once I a while as a change of artist but I wonít play it that often.

02 C And You Know It by Coastline with Johnny Dollar

Mike:  Myrtle Beach all the way. Nice shag tune but not a tune for the Boppers in our crowd. I might play this early evening before the crowd hits.

Jim: I agree, this is Myrtle Beach all the way. This isnít the sound I look for when playing to our crowd. I probably wonít play this song for Boppers.

03 A Somebodyís Gotta Do It  by Steve Bassett, Ammon & The Mystic Soul Bubbas

Jim: This oneís a keeper. Boppers will really dig this tune. I like this one a lot. Itís a good Blues Bop tune.

Mike: Unless someone calls the politically correct police Iíll be playing this one often. Great for Boppers. The vocal play between Basset and Amon makes the song a ton of fun.

04 C Those Carolina Nights by Smith No Luggage

Mike: Sounds country. Itís not a terrible song but itís definitely mediocre.

Jim: Couldnít agree more, this one leaves me wantiní more. The production seems to be average at best. It just doesnít kick.

05 A Give It To A Good Man by The Sugarbees

Jim:  Now weíre talkiní. This oneís definitely Myrtle Beach but the Boppers will love it as well as the Shaggers. The Sugarbees just keep coming out with great songs.

Mike: Youíre right on the money. Coco Montoyaís version is excellent but this oneís better for Shaggers and Boppers. This songís on my playlist now and will stay on for a while yet.

06 B When In Rome by The Holiday Band

Mike: This oneís just ok, it doesnít do a lot for me. I donít think itís one of their best efforts. Their new song, ďIím Man EnoughĒ is head and shoulders above this one. With that said, the shaggers will like this one.

Jim: I agree, itís an ok song but Iíve heard much better from the Holiday Band. Boppers would dance to it, they just wouldnít request it.

07 A I Know You Know by Heart & Soul

Jim: Kinda slow out of the box but itís got soul and itís smooth as glass. Kick it up a little bit and youíve got a good song for Boppers, Shaggers and Swing dancers.

Mike: I agree, Iíd speed it up about 5% and youíve got a winner for Boppers. The female vocals really grabs yaí.

08 A+ As One by D. K. Davis

Mike: Awsome! Nothiní else to say. Well, almost. Brings an updated 50ís sound to a brand new song and makes it a winner. Elvis would be proud.

Jim: Oh man, this one really cooks. Iím movin while I type. Right on about Elvis, sounds just like him. This is my favorite so far. This one works for Boppers, Shaggers and Swing dancers equally.

09 D Saturday Morniní by Mike Stewert

Jim: I donít think I like this one very much. The beatís kindaí strange to dance to. Beachy, but not very good for our dancers at all.

Mike: Bubble Gum Beach. Doesnít do anything for me and wonít do anything for dancers either. After this one and ďBoiled PeanutsĒ, Mikeís last tune, heís 0 for 2.

10 B- Donít Look Good Naked No More by The Fantastic Shakers

Mike: This oneís been around for about a year now and it isnít one of my favorite Fantastic Shakers song. Itís a fun song but not one I play a lot.

Jim: Itís not a bad tune, it just leaves me waiting for it to really get crankiní, but it never does. Itís Bluesy, itís got a beat, it just doesnít have Oomph.

11 D Edisto by The Gone Bros.

Jim: This reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song. Itís ok to listen to if youíre stoned on Margaritaís, it just wouldnít pull anyone to the dance floor.

Mike: Right on brother, someone call Jimmy and tell him someoneís knockiní off his stuff. Another song like this one and their name will be their chart position.

12 B Miss Your Kissiní by The Delta Riders

Mike: This song was available as a single around January of this year. Itís a terrific cut that I currently play.

Jim: This oneís not quite as up-tempo as I like but I like the sound. Itís kind of Bluesy and itís got a fairly strong back beat. Iíd probably speed it up a bit for Boppers but Shaggers will like it straight up.

13 A+ Donít Wait Up On The Shrimp Boat Baby Caus Iím Cominí Home With The Crabs by Hack Bartley

Jim: This song I REALLY like. Our dancers have gone crazy over this one. Itís a little slow but the dancers love the words. Another keeper.

Mike: Definitely, everyone asks who it is when I play this one. It draws a lot of attention and has people really enjoying themselves on the floor.

14 B Reputation by The Band Of Oz

Mike: This is nice. The vocals make this one. Smooth as sand after a rain storm. Great reaction from the dance floor.

Jim: Myrtle Beach all the way and youíre right on Mike, this is as smooth as it gets. This one was on Ocean Drive Vol. 3 by Little Anthony & The Imperials. This isnít a Boppers tune but the Shaggers will like it.

15 C Never Gonna' Give Up On A Good Thing by Gary Bass

Jim: Another beach sound tune but it has a strange beat for dancers. I canít imagine ever playing this song. It doesnít work for Boppers and I donít really think Shaggers will like it either, maybe the West Coasters. Mike: Nice try Gary, but this one lacks the punch necessary to pull people to the dance floor. Great song to grab a beer to.

16 A Baby, Be Good To My Heart by Batson & Chase

Mike: Now I like these guys, Theyíre new out of Virginia. Weíll be heariní from them for a long time. They bring a great new sound to beach music. Something we need.

Jim: I couldnít agree more. This is beach all the way but man it has a great sound. Itís probably a little too slow for Boppers but Shaggers will find it perfect. I think theyíll be requesting it at the beach quite often. This groupís got a lot of potential.

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