Down South Jukin
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Down South Jukin'

The Men Of Distinction

Ripete Records: 2321

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: "A+"

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DJ Jim's Comments: Run...don't your nearest Beach Music store and buy this CD now! It's one of the best CD's of our music I've ever heard. Great dance tunes and great listening music. You won't be sorry to own this one, there's not a bad song on it

DJ Mike's Comments: You might think you've heard some of these songs enough already...but think again. Strong production, strong vocals,...put this one in your collection TODAY!

This CD will be available at your Beach Music specialty retailer or Ripete online at It might also be available through online retailers such as CDNOW, at , since they often carry Ripete's CD's. Visit the Men of Distinction's Website at the following: 

Track Rating Review
01 A


DJ Jim: Hot Hot Hot! This is the best version of Matchbox I've heard DJ Mike: Smokin', if this doesn't make you want to dance, you're deaf. DJ Jim: Sounds like Beach Bop but the Shaggers should love it as well. DJ Mike: Great starter song, it pulls you in right away.

02 A Tell Me What I Did Wrong

DJ Mike: Two songs in and I'm already sweatin' I think this song might be a bit over-recorded but this is a great version nevertheless. DJ Jim: Man, this song cooks. Another Beach Bop that just grabs ya' and makes you want to "move those feet".

03 A Beez That Way Sometime

DJ Jim: This song is a little smoother, not a smoothie, but it definitely has more of a "beach" sound. I think the Shaggers will love it. DJ Mike: This is an excellent song which is currently moving up the Beach Music Chart. This is more of an "Uptown" song.

04 B Don't Be Afraid

DJ Mike: This is a nice change of pace. This song is good for Cha Cha or Shag. DJ Jim: Another great tune for the Shaggers. This is definitely a Shag Smoothie with good production and vocals.

05 A Short Fat Fannie

DJ Jim: Ooooh Yeaaah, now we're cookin'. This song will have our dancers flocking to the dance floor. This is definitely a Bop tune but it could work for a quick Shag as well. DJ Mike: This is a "killer" tune. So far this CD has great song selections which should appeal to all dance styles.

06 A Uptown

DJ Mike: This tunes also moving up the Beach Music Charts. Great bass and vocals. This will appeal to the West Coast Swing crowd. DJ Jim: This is a great tune that's usually sung by Roy Orbison. I really like this version because it's produced with dancers in mind. It's a slower Bop for sure but it's another tune the Shaggers will love.

07 A Good Rockin Tonight

DJ Jim: I love it. So many good songs done so well. I love "Good Rockin' Tonight". Most notably done in 1948 by one of the great founders of R & B, Wynonie Harris, I usually play it by "Solomon Burke" or "The Roadrunners", both are great versions. This one's just as good. I'll be playing it often and I know our Boppers will love it. DJ Mike: I like it a lot...but wait till you hear the version by Jimmy Cavallo...all I can say is..."It Smokes". Look for our upcoming review of his CD soon.

08 B A Little Bit Of Love

DJ Mike: Put on the suntan oil, grab a beach chair and a beer, man, this is "Myrtle Beach" all the way. DJ Jim: Right on man. This is "the sound of Myrtle Beach" all the way. I think it's too fast by today's Shag standards where "Smoothies" seem to rule, but it could work if slowed down a few percent. 

09 C Dreamworld

DJ Jim: This song is a little slower with a "Cha Cha" sound. I hear it as a "Shag Smoothie". It's not one of my favorite songs on this CD, but it "ain't bad" either. DJ Mike: I totally agree, sounds a little like a hotel beach club Shag, or maybe Adult Contemporary, but it's still pretty good.

10 A Pride & Joy

DJ Mike: Kicks A_s!! Stevie Ray would be proud. One of the best versions of this song I've ever heard. DJ Jim: Another Rockin' tune. A little Bop, a little Blues, I'd call it a Blues Bop. Whatever it is, it makes you want to move your feet,...your hands,...hell, your whole damn body!! I love  it.

11 A- If It Will, It Will

DJ Jim: This song has a country flair but it's still Bop. The vocals are good and it's definitely danceable. I think the West Coasters will love this song, it's perfect for them, but Shaggers should love it as well. DJ Mike: Who are these guys, "The Cowboys Of Distinction"? I'm just kidding, as I said before, this CD has something for everyone.

12 B Let's Stay Together

DJ Mike: This is an Al Green Chestnut, but I think he'd be proud. These guys definitely make this song their own. DJ Jim: Another song which should appeal to Shaggers and West Coasters. It's got a Cha Cha beat. This is a good smooth song with strong vocals.

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