Full Tilt Sampler
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Full Tilt Sampler

Various Artists

Bradley House Records

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: "A"

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Overall we really like this CD sampler a lot. Itís got songs for every musical taste and dance style. There was only one song we really didnít care for and a couple more we felt indifferent to, but there were many songs we rated ďAĒ. We hope Bradley House releases this compilation pretty much as the sampler was produced. They could probably replace a couple of songs and make this a killer CD that everyone would want to own. 

The production quality of this CD seems to be high. The sound quality is good although there were a couple of songs where the artist didnít seem to have the greatest vocals. Song selection is good with quite a variety of song styles appealing to a large audience. 

Weíd really like to see Bradley House promote their CDís a little better. There seems to be little or no information on their web site or else itís hidden so well we canít find it. We know Bradley House is geared to recording but donít seem to promote the CDís that heavily. Weíd love to see more information on their web site about CDís which carry the Bradley House label. 

Weíre going to give this CD an overall rating of ďAĒ. We think it will appeal to a wide audience and should be a hot seller when itís finally released. Look for it at your favorite beach music supplier.

Track Rating Review
01 B

I'm Free (Tony Howard)

DJ Jim: Kindaí slow for our Boppers but Shaggers should find it acceptable although they might like it better with a little positive pitch. Nice and bluesey. DJ Mike:  I agree, plus it about 3 percent and youíve got a song for either Boppers or Shaggers. Definitely a great voice for this kind of song.

02 A Smokey Places (Joel)

DJ Mike: Take a great old song, mix in a stronger beat, add a good vocalist and youíve got a winner. Our people are already responding to this great old Corsairs hit. DJ Jim: Right on Mike. Our dancers will hear this one as a Cha Cha but Shaggers should like this tune as well. I like it better than the original.

03 C Jacobís Ladder (Maurice Williams)

DJ Jim: A gospel tune and Lord knows I love emí but I donít care for this as a dance tune. I think you could Shag to it just fine and our Boppers would be ok with it, Iím just not crazy about the beat. DJ Mike: Definitely doesnít grab you at first and the vocals strike me as being a bit muddy but it grows on you as you listen to it. Still, itís probably not one I would play often.

04 C Red Corvette (Gene Miller)

DJ Mike: Gosh what am I gonnaí say about this one, itís nice but the vocals seem a little flat. Talking instead of singing. Doesnít seem to grab yaí. DJ Jim: I agree, I donít find the vocals to be very exciting. The song isnít bad but it doesnít have an exciting sound. Kick it up a bit and itís got the potential to be a great Bop style tune. Itís probably not one Iíd play often.

05 A Shake A Hand (Toni Williams)

DJ Jim: Now this oneís got soul. A great Gospel tune with a sound Shaggers should love but I can tell you Boppers will be all over the floor. This girlís got a great gospel voice. I really like this song.  DJ Mike: Our dancers love songs with a gospel slant. This one is definitely ďIn The PocketĒ. It gives you a good feeling while youíre dancing, something you canít say about every song we play.

06 D Come What May (Daddy Kool)

DJ Mike: Well Jim, I think weíve found the one ďclinkerĒ in the bunch. Soundís like karaoke night at the lounge. This song just isnít up to par with the rest of the album. DJ Jim: Well, I know what you mean. Some of the vocals on this song actually warble. I donít mean to be unkind but I find myself wondering what type of dance to do to this song. I donít hear it as a Shag song, it definitely isnít a Bop tune, I canít imagine West Coasterís liking it. I just donít know what to do with it. Itís kinda ďcuteĒ just not a play song for me.

07 B+ Here I Stand (Daddy Kool)

DJ Jim: Can this be the same singer? Now weíre talkiní. Sounds like old school, I hear the fifties, Shakin Stevens, Shagginí or Boppiní. I canít say the vocals are much different than the last tune but I love the sound of this song. DJ Mike: Obviously Mr. Kool is more comfortable with the stilted style of fifties songs. This song plays well as a Cha Cha and probably will be played a lot.  Our age group will definitely know the song and the sound will keep them on the floor.

08 A+ Move Across The River (Tony Howard)

DJ Mike: Cool, put on your danciní shoes youíll be hittiní the floor on this one. Tony puts a slightly different spin on an old favorite. Our group considers this song one of their signature songs as do our friends up north, The Cincinnati Bop Club. Iím already getting a tremendous reaction to this song, itís definitely a keeper. DJ Jim: Oh Yeah! Man I couldnít agree more. This song really cooks. Iíve always loved Move Across The River and I think I like this version best of all. Needless to say Boppers will love this song but I think Shaggers will dig it as well. It might be a bit fast for some Shaggers but I still think it works well. Itís got a great beat that keeps your feet moviní.

09 A Blue Moon (Joe Graziani)

DJ Jim: Iím used to heariní this one as Blue Moon Of Kentucky an old Bill Monroe Bluegrass song. This song has a great sound. Kind of Rock-A-Billy country bop. This song works equally well for Boppers and Shaggers. I think this song will play well in our part of the country. DJ Mike: Once in a ďBlue MoonĒ you hear a remake that makes your ears perk up. This is that song. Joeís done a great job incorporating two great states in one great song. I plus it 2 to 3 percent but it works straight up as well. Great job Joe Graziani.

10 A+ Hey Baby (SugarBees)

DJ Mike: Another ďfloor fillerĒ from The SugarBees, whoíve been on a roll lately. Itís got everything you need for a hit song. Great vocals, great instrumentation, and a hook that really pulls you out of your seat. Weíll be playing this one for a long time. DJ Jim: Off The SugarBees CD ďMy Babyís Got ItĒ . This is one great song off one great CD. Iíve been playing this one for quite some time and I can tell you from experience itíll draw Boppers to the dance floor by the droves. I like to Shag personally and this one's got the perfect beat and speed to make the Shaggers happy, happy, happy. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, ďThe SugarBees Rock!

11 C Stone In Love With You (Joel)

DJ Jim: Well, the vocals arenít as good as The Stylistics version but itís definitely more up-tempo. I think the original version is definitely a Shag tune although Iíd probably plus it just a bit. I think this version is too fast for Shagging and Iím not playiní it for Boppers. Itís too fast for the West Coast crowd so I guess Iíll just have to keep this one in the case. DJ Mike: Definitely aimed at Swing dancers although Iíd probably minus it about 3 percent. Itís not a bad song but not one that would be in my rotation on a regular basis. Iíd probably play it to get an initial reaction and go from there.

12 B Summertime (Clay Brown)

DJ Mike: Nice Shag Smoothie that should play well with the West Coast crowd. Ample opportunity to show off your Shag or Swing moves. I might minus it a few percent for the Swing dancers. DJ Jim: I agree, the Shaggers and Swing dancers should really like this song. It wonít play to Bop dancers but hey, thatís the breaks. Personally, this isnít my kind of sound. I really like songs with a hard hittiní beat and this is a little smoother than I usually like but itís a good song.

13 A There Is A God (Joe Simon)

DJ Jim: Aaahh Yes! Joe Simon, man this guy exemplifies Gospel for me and this song is just great. Shaggers should eat this one up. Itís got just the right tempo to really shine and it makes you feel great at the same time. Our group just loves this kind of song. What can I say, I love it. DJ Mike: I agree, although I think it drags just a little bit in the beginning it builds as it goes along until it has you clapping your hands in the end. We could have a Sunday morning gospel hour with Joe Simon songs. He does a great job, welcome back Joe.

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