Grand Slam
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Grand Slam

The Homerun Hitters Of Beach Music

Various Artists

Ripete Records: 2326

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: "B+"

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This is an album you should have in your collection. Overall we think ďThe Coastline BandĒ and ďThe Men Of DistinctionĒ carry this CD although ďThe Holiday BandísĒ Iím Man Enough might be the biggest hit followed by ďThe CoastlineísĒ Swamps Of The Old Santee. Ironically, ďThe Band Of OzĒ, perennial favorites on the beach music scene seemed to have the poorest showing on the entire CD. No bad reflection on this great band, we just didnít hear these songs as dance tunes and after all, thatís what weíre after here isnít it?

This CD will be available at Beach Music specialty retailers such as Judy's House of Oldies, The Wax Museum, The Record Rack, Steven's Cave or Ripete Records.

Track Rating Review
01 A+

I'm Man Enough by The Holiday Band.

DJ Jim: I really like the sound of this song. Itís got a Cha Cha beat and reminds me of the beach in a big way. Itís a great Shag tune although I find it to be at the slow end  of the spectrum and would probably speed it up a click or two. Our Boppers will simply Cha Cha to it although they sometimes enjoy a slow Bop DJ Mike: Youíre right about the speed Jim, Iíd probably punch it up 2-3 percent. I call it ďShag CityĒ straight up. Good gritty vocals that I really love and a hook good enough for radio. These guys are proving to be ďMen EnoughĒ to put out hit after hit. Itís already #4 on the Beach Music Reporter chart.

02 B+ Iím Your Puppet by The Holiday Band .

DJ Mike: The guys pull out the old James and Bobby Purify hit and make it their own. I think the speed is still too slow for our style of dance but Iím sure it works for the Shag crowd just as it is. DJ Jim: Another oldie done well. I like this song as well but again I agree with DJ Mike. These songs are really a bit too slow for anything but Shagging and even then I prefer a faster beat personally. Itís smooth, pretty, and very nice just for listening. Good song.

03 B+ She Blew A Good Thing. by The Holiday Band.

DJ Jim: For my taste this song is just ok. Itís not bad and itís good for listening but it doesnít make me feel like dancing. Once again I feel like itís too slow and three in a row makes it monotonous. Itís beachy for sure, I just think Iím ready to kick it up a notch.DJ Mike: Classic beach, live and in person. For me the live sound makes me feel like Iím right there. Good production minimizes the crowd noise so it sounds just right. I know itís a little slow but Iíd probably play this one straight up. Good job

04 A+ Swamps Of The Old Santee by Jim Quick & The Coastline Band.

 DJ Mike: Coastline Rules! I watched Jim and the boys perform this live at ďThe Spanish GalleonĒ during the fall S.O.S. last year. Their showmanship blew me away. This is definitely our type of song and will be on the fast track up the charts. My only complaint if you can call it that is the bass. In the live production they really kicked it up. This production tones it down and seems more beachy than bluesy. I prefer the live version. I love the originality. DJ Jim: Oh Yeah! Now this is my kind of song. This one really cooks and will draw everyone who can walk out to the dance floor. This is the perfect sound for Bop style dancing and is the refreshing change of pace I said I was ready for after the first three on this CD

05 B- Loveless by Jim Quick & The Coastline Band.

DJ Jim: Slow, bluesy, sultry. Another Cha Cha beat aimed squarely at the Shaggers. I like it, I just donít love it. Itís a good song but not my favorite on this CD although itís incredibly smooth. DJ Mike: Once again I hear a Cha Cha. It has a nice smooth sound but itís just not my favorite. It just doesnít grab me and make me want to head to the dance floor. I guess it would be a nice change but not one Iíll play often.

06 B Late At Night by Jim Quick & The Coastline Band.

DJ Mike: One of my favorites from The Coastline Band but I would have to stick with the original. Iíll play Simon Cowell here, (English accent) ďItís good, itís just not great.Ē DJ Jim: I couldnít agree more, I really like The Coastlineís first version from ĒContents Under Pressure.Ē I found it to be more up-tempo than this version and in my opinion is a much better dance song.

07 A+ Donut And A Dream by The Men Of Distinction.

DJ Jim: Aaaaahhh! What a great Smoothie. Man I love this song. The Mills Brothers were great with their signature song and our dancers have always loved it. ďThe Men Of DistinctionĒ are every bit as good and maybe better. Itís slow and smooth. Iíd love to watch Michael Norris dance to this one, it would be like watching a Shag ballet. Although our Bop dancers might like it kicked up just a bit, personally I think Iíd just leave it alone. DJ Mike: Paul Craverís vocals come through loud and clear on this Mills Brothers classic, as cool as the other side of the pillow. While Shaggers definitely have a Smoothie winner here, our crowd will do the ďRat RaceĒ, a Louisville original dance based loosely on a Foxtrot. While I love these guys as a group I canít wait for Paulís solo CD later this year.  

08 B Big And Hot by The Men Of Distinction.

DJ Mike: Well, I can say this, my wife Vicki would say this song is sacrilegious because her favorite version of this song is by ďThe Love DogsĒ. But seriously theyíve done a really good job with this one and I enjoy the song as it is. DJ Jim: Iíd have to say a big Amen to Vickiís choice because it would be mine as well. I think this version drags and when this song is kicked up a bit it just cooks. Donít get me wrong, itís not bad, itís just that Iíve heard better.

09 B Georgia by The Men Of Distinction.

DJ Jim: Another smooth Shag tune with a slightly faster tempo than some of the other songs on this CD. I donít think Bop dancers will make this song one of their favorites simply because itís still a bit slow for Bopping. Definitely Myrtle Beach all the way. I like it but not as well as other M. O. D. songs. DJ Mike: These guys can make any song their own. Boz Scaggs would be proud of this version. What a great choice for a remake, something new instead of the same old standbys. Bozís version is a bit faster but this definitely works for Shag.

10 C Fly Me To The Moon by The Band Of Oz.

DJ Mike: Weíve heard it before but this is still a good version. Although this is listed as a remix I donít hear much of a difference from their last version. All in all, still good but nothing new. DJ Jim: I agree, I like their version from ďDancing In The StreetĒ better. This version sounds a bit too slick and a bit too slow for my tastes. Once again a song for the Shaggers. Hey guys, donít forget the Boppers and Swing dancers, they need music too.

11 C All Day Music by The Band Of Oz.

DJ Jim: This song reminds me of ďThe Fifth DimensionĒ. Itís smooth and well done but Iím at a loss to imagine this one filling a dance floor. Our dancers would probably treat it as a slow Cha Cha or maybe a belly rubbiní slow dance, but thatís about it. Not my favorite. DJ Mike: Granted, not every song on a CD has to be danceable but for goodness sakes, canít we find a better song to remake than this one. Where are those guys who did House Of Blue Lights?

12 B Lucky To Be Loved By You by The Band Of Oz.

DJ Mike: Finger snappiní, foot tappiní, Myrtle Beach music. Put the top down on the convertible, punch up the CD player, summerís here. This one may not make the chart but still itís a good new song. DJ Jim: I agree, itís Myrtle Beach all the way but itís not one of my favorites. Once again itís well done but hey, these guys know how to produce good songs . I just donít hear anything that would make me play this one. But bear in mind, Iím looking for music that will put dancers on the floor and I donít think this one will do that.

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