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Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

Gardner Entertainment

Genre: Beach Bop & Blues

Overall CD Rating: "A"

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We canít say enough about the production of this CD. Although most live albums donít work well for DJís, this one is the exception. Like most live recordings though, a number of the cuts on this CD suffer from intros designed to showcase the band members. All in all, this is one great CD showing off the talents of one fine vocalist. Although we said it a number of times in the review, weíll say it again, weíre blown away by Shasnette Baity and her awesome voice. Way to go Heart and Soul for finding a truly outstanding addition to your band. Visit the groups website by using the link below. http://hometown.aol.com/co0lbreez/cd.html

This CD is available online through CD Baby at www.cdbaby.com. CD Baby is a great source for obscure artist and weíve noticed a number of beach artists using them for distribution. Theyíve got a great web site with sound samples galore and do an excellent job. Thanks CD Baby.

Track Rating Review
01 A

Backfield In Motion

DJ Mike: Updating the old Mel & Tim song, Heart and Soul manages to blend Myrtle Beach with classic soul to make a sound all their own. This is an excellent version Iíll be playing often.

DJ Jim: Although I feel this song is just a tad fast for Shaggers I think Boppers will eat this one up. Itís got a great up-tempo, fun sound.

02 B

Chain Of Fools

DJ Jim: Popularized by Aretha Franklin Shawnette Baity totally kills this version of a familiar song. Our Boppers will love this song straight up although we might speed it up just a bit. Shaggers will love this one as well.

DJ Mike: I think Iíd punch this one up a few percent just to give it a bit more oomph. Still, a good version but not one Iíd play that often.

03 A+

The Way You Love Me

DJ Mike: This song is an original which demonstrates the true talent of this band. Smooth Myrtle sound perfect for a Shag Smoothie or for our dancers, a Cha Cha. Good vocals and crisp production make this an outstanding song.

DJ Jim: I couldnít agree more, I really love the sound of this song. Itís clear, bell-like sound is really pleasant to listen to and I know our dancers will enjoy this one.

04 B-

Sighed Sealed Delivered

DJ Jim: This song is ok for me but isnít one of my favorites on this CD so far. Itís not a bad song, it just lacks something I look for when choosing a dance tune. Maybe Iím just unsure what our dancers would do with it but I probably wonít play this one.

DJ Mike: I know whatís missing DJ Jim. It definitely needs a stronger back beat. Somehow the dance beat gets lost in the song. That said, the song is making some noise on the charts due to the strong vocals.

05 B

I Know You Know

DJ Mike: Although I think this is a good cut, itís not my favorite of the CD. You definitely need to add 3 or 4 percent to make it danceable for Boppers. I think it will take a few plays before our crowd will warm up to it.

DJ Jim: I think this oneís got a much better dance beat than the last song. I like the piano and the vocals remind me of Barbara Carr or Francine Reed. Itís got grit and groove. Although the lyrics get a bit repetitive, I like it.

06 B

Give Me Just A Little

DJ Jim: Sounds like Myrtle Beach to me. This original cut is smooth and clean. Shaggers should love this one although our Boppers wonít find a strong enough back beat for their liking. If we play too many songs like this one you can be sure someone will come to the booth and ask us to speed it up, or as one annoying character continually requests, ďPlay some Rock N Roll!Ē How annoying!

DJ Mike: Boy, did you hit the nail on the head DJ Jim! We get a lot of requests for things that donít make sense. Where do they come up with it. As for the song, although itís as smooth as it can be, itís definitely not the sound our crowd jumps at but the productionís great.

07 A+

Having A Party

DJ Mike: This is my favorite cut on this CD. I even like playing the intro although most DJís will probably cut it out. Iím a big fan of Sam Cook and I think heíd be proud of this version. Although it performs well straight up, some DJís will plus it a few percent.

DJ Jim: I agree with Mike. This is a great song. I find myself thinking gospel. Although I realize it isnít it just seems to have a gospel sound. Mike played this recently and says our dancers ate it up. I can see why. Shaggers and Boppers alike should love this cut.

08 A

I Canít Make You Love Me

DJ Jim: This Bonnie Rait tune really demonstrates the power and clarity of Shawnette Baityís voice. Itís slow, itís sultry, itís smoky. If youíre looking for a slow song this oneís got everything it takes to bring the lovers to the dance floor. Great song.

DJ Mike: Iíll add sexy to your list DJ Jim. This is belly-rubbiní at itís best. Save this one for that late night snuggle. Excellent vocals which pull you in and wonít let go. Nuff said.

09 A+

You Are My Sunshine

DJ Mike: Ooohhh Yeeaah, hereís one thatíll pull the Boppers to the dance floor in droves. This oneís got it all. Great guitar work, great vocals, and a Boppiní beat that makes you want to move.

DJ Jim: Elizaís version was really popular with our dancers last year and I thought it was good, but this oneís better. Itís got a bluesy sound she lacked. Once again Ms. Baityís vocals shine. This girl is really talented. Boppers and Shaggers will love it.

10 C

The Way You Do The Things You Do

DJ Jim: An old Motown tune revised. This tune is ok, just not great. Once again although thereís a back beat, I think itís too fast to lure the dancers to the floor. Itís bluesy alright, I just donít hear a tune our dancers will like that much and itís definitely too fast for Shaginí.

DJ Mike: Once again the production saves an otherwise average cut. Not bad, just not the sound necessary to pull dancers to the floor. Something about it just leaves you wanting more. Good listeniní tune, just not a dancer.

11 C

Some Kindaí Wonderful

DJ Mike: This cut could work with a little help. Because it seems to drag a little I would definitely speed it up. Shawnette adds a gospel flavor which helps the song a lot. Iíll let the crowd decide on this one.

DJ Jim: I agree, it could be a bit faster, but then the gospel angle might not work as well. This tune definitely shows off the smoky, blusey voice of Shawnette Bain and I know our dancers would dance to this one but I donít hear it as a favorite dance tune. I think I enjoy listening to it more than I would enjoy dancing to it. I find the dance beat to be a bit fast while the songs gives you the impression itís a bit slow. Count the beat and youíll see what I mean.

12 C

Since Youíve Been Gone

DJ Jim: It takes more than a minute for this song to get going but when it does, Shawnetteís vocals really come on strong. This band should count their blessings for finding this talented singer. Sheís single-handedly changing the sound of this band. Although I find the beat of this song a bit of a challenge for dancing occasionally it mostly works well as a Bop or Shag tune.

DJ Mike: Not to be negative, but this song just does not connect with me. There seems to be too much going on to really attract the dancers to the floor. Iím sure that the song when performed live really shows off the band. As far as dancing goes, I can imagine is free-styling and clapping along.

13 B

If You Donít Know Me By Now

DJ Mike: Hereís a classic that brings back memories. This song might have been your first slow dance with that special someone. Now you can live it all over again. This a is good version of a great classic.

DJ Jim: Right on Mike. Everyoneís got to know this one and this group does an excellent version. Although it obviously only works as a slow song itís got a great sultry sound. You gottaí like it.

14 A+

Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On

DJ Jim: Bring on that Hammond B3 and watch out Gloria Hardiman. An old R & B classic and man once again Shawnette Baity makes it her own. This one smokes. Our Bop dancers will eat this up and come back for more. This is definitely one of my favorite songs on this CD.

DJ Mike: Shawnetteís vocals just drip soul. These guys are very licky to have found her. This might push my copy of the original a bit further back in the case. Smokiní.

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