Hot Taw Mighty 2
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Hot-Taw Mighty II
 Still Cookin'

Various Artist

Shag Archives Records: SACD200201

Genre: Beach Bop & Blues

Overall CD Rating: "B+"

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We really like nine out of fifteen songs. We’ll rate this CD a solid "B+". It probably will be an "A" in many peoples book, but we thought the two "D" songs counted off too much to give it an "A". Still though, this is a very good CD and one we definitely recommend buying. As long as you're at it, buy the first Hot-Taw Mighty as well. It is as good or better with some good West Coast songs.

This CD should be available through your Beach Music specialty stores such as Judy's House of Oldies, The Wax Museum, Steven's Cave, or The Record Rack.

Since this is a compilation CD, most of these artist have CD's of their own available with these songs and more.

Track Rating Review
01 A

Too Many Girlfriends by Matt Leddy.

DJ Jim: This song is really hot right now. It's got a great Bop beat and works well for Boppers and Shaggers. This tune will pull them to the dance floor. DJ Mike: Couldn't be more perfect for a Bop style dance song. It has a "Bangin' Beat" that really makes you want to dance. It could be a little shorter, they'll be tired by the time it's over.

02 A Long Distance Love by Seth Walker.

DJ Mike: "Smooth as silk". It's got a sound that appeals across the board. Good Shag Smoothie as well as West Coast Swing. DJ Jim: Oh yes, it's as smooth as it gets. You just can't help but move your feet and snap your fingers to this tune. "It's got the groove". The Shaggers have got to be lovin' this one but I think the Boppers will like it too. They like to Bop to these slow ones once in a while.

03 C Aces Up Your Sleeve by Brenton Wood.

DJ Jim: Another Shag Smoothie with a Cha Cha beat. Although it doesn't have a strong beat it's a smooth song. DJ Mike: I agree it's smooth but I think it's my least favorite song on the CD. It's nice to hear Brenton Wood again but I don't think it's going to have wide appeal. DJ Jim: True, it lacks punch.

04 B One Hundred Pounds Of Trouble by Burton Garr.

DJ Mike: Terrific song from a terrific album. I'm glad it made it to a compilation so he'll get wider exposure. Maybe it'll generate more interest in his album. Buy it if you can find it. DJ Jim: Kind of slow for a Bop dancer but it's got great soul. I might speed it up a bit for our Bop dancers. Nice song.

05 B Who's Been Rockin' by Lee Morris.

DJ Jim: This is a really nice song. Although the beat gets a little repetitive I think it's another great dance tune, more for Shaggers than Boppers. DJ Mike: This was the big song as SOS. This song just grabs you and pulls you to the dance floor. I think it's awesome. This song is almost two years old and languished until SOS moved it to the forefront.

06 B Miss Ann by Seth Walker.

DJ Mike: Another song from Seth Walker's album. Similar sound to Long Distance Love but not as smooth, more suited for Bopping. It works fine straight up or sped up slightly. DJ Jim: This song has the kind of strong back beat I really like. If this doesn't make you want to move your feet they must be nailed to the floor. Shaggers will love it but Boppers will too.

07 D Angela by Slim Man (Tim Camponeschi).

DJ Jim: This song leaves me waiting for more. It's just too commercial sounding for me. It's pretty, it's a Cha Cha, it just doesn't make me feel like moving anything. Swaying my head to the tropical breeze maybe but that's about it. DJ Mike: Help...can someone get me out of the elevator...I'm stuck between floors and the "Muzak's Killin' Me". Barry Manilow would be proud though.

08 C Tell Me I'm Your Man by The Jumpin' Joz Band.

DJ Mike: This is a cute song although it's not one I'll be playing very often. It should get some exposure. Sounds like Little Charlie and the Nightcats. DJ Jim: I hear ya'. Another song with a "cute" sound. It's not that bad but I agree with you Mike, I won't be playing this one very often. I think our Boppers would dance to it, but it won't make the request list.

09 D Steady Love by Greg Brown.

DJ Jim: I'd have to call this a Shag Smoothie, it's just not a very good one. This song leaves me wanting more...a lot more. There's just nothing here to get excited about. DJ Mike: This sounds like a Mark Knopfler from "Dire Straits" knockoff. I don't like this song very much. 

10 A I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town by Curley Bridges.

DJ Mike: "Now we're talking" this is a "killer song". I can't stop movin' long enough to review it. Put on your Boppin' Shoes cause you'll be dancin' to this one. DJ Jim: "Ooooh Yeeaaah" , you got that right brother. Man the Blues don't get no better than this. You can Shag, you can Bop, hell you can do anything you want to it. We could probably speed it up a bit for our Boppers, but why ruin a great song. Makes the CD worth having.

11 A Got To Find A Baby by River City Blues Band.

DJ Jim: Another great Blues song like the last one. Curley Bridges will get them to the floor and The River City Blues Band will keep them there. The Boppers will love this song. DJ Mike: A perfect call and response song that will have you singin' on the floor while you wear out the soles of your shoes. Awesome song.

12 C+ Tell Me You Love Me by Amy & The Hank Sinatras.

DJ Mike: This has got some potential. I think the West Coast Swingers will like it. It's got good vocals with good style, it just needs a little punch. DJ Jim: This song reminds me of "Good Rockin Daddy" by The Senders. Kind of a Swing song. I agree, I think the West Coasters will like it. It could be a Shag Smoothie but I don't think Shaggers are going to like it that much. It's not a bad song, I like the sound, I just don't hear it as a "dance floor draw".

13 C Terra Lea by Seth Walker.

DJ Jim: This is another Swing song kind of like the last one. It's got a decent beat and Boppers will dance to it if we play it. I think Shaggers might find it a tad fast. DJ Mike: I agree with you Jim, I think we'll need to slow it down a bit for our dancers. I don't think the Shaggers will like it. I don't think I'll be playing this one.

14 A Right In The Middle Of Wrong by Charles Wilson.

DJ Mike: I'm already seeing a response to this one on the dance floor from fans of the likes of Rue Davis or Barbara Carr. This song really appeals to a large number of our dancers. This one should climb the charts steadily. DJ Jim: Nice and smooth with a great beat for Boppers. Shaggers won't be disappointed with the beat nor will West Coasters. This is a great all around song. I agree with you Mike, this sounds something like Barbara Carr.

15 A Tell Me Lies by Lisa Bourne.

DJ Mike: Another awesome Blues song in the style of Curley Bridges or Burton Garr. This is the sound that our dancers like and I've been playing this one for some time now. DJ Jim: This CD has some great Blues tunes on it and this is one of them. Mike you're right on when he say's it just the type of song our dancers like. Man the guitar rifts are great. The tempo works well for Boppers, Shaggers, or West Coast Swingers. Great all around song.

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