Hot Taw Mighty 3
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Hot-Taw Mighty 3
 Still Cookin'

Various Artist

Shag Archives Records: SACD200301

Genre: Beach Bop & Blues

Overall CD Rating: "A+"

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Man oh man, the Hot-Taw-Mighty CD's just keep getting better and better. If you're a DJ you gotta' love them because the songs tend to be unique with many by relatively unknown artist whom you might not have on any other CD. If you're a listener or dancer who collects casually, then you just can't go wrong with any of the Hot-Taw-Mighty set. You'll get CD's just full of great songs

This CD should be available through your Beach Music specialty stores such as Judy's House of Oldies, The Wax Museum, Steven's Cave, or The Record Rack.

Since this is a compilation CD, most of these artist have CD's of their own available with these songs and more.

Track Rating Review
01 A+

Dangerous by Syl Johnson

DJ Mike: The last time Syl was this good he was “taking us to the river”. He combines here with brother Jimmie to produce a terrific cut that I’ve been playing for a while. A great driving beat makes the vocals really stand out. I’ve received an excellent response from our crowd each time I’ve played it.

DJ Jim: Excellent song! Man, this is my kind of tune. I love the driving back beak and the tempo works well for Shagging or Bopping. I love the smoky, gravelly vocals. I’d buy this CD for this song alone.

02 A+ I Have A Dream by Walter Higgs

DJ Jim: A little harp, a lotta’ blues, and a swingin’ tempo makes me want to move and groove to this tune. Once again the tempo is just right for Shaggin’ or Boppin’ and I think West Coasters will like it as well. Another great song.

DJ Mike: My dream would be that all cuts could be this good. I love this song. Although some DJ’s have had this one for a while it will be new to our crowd and they will eat it up. Sounds a lot like Kim Wilson to me, it just smokes from beginning to end

03 A+ Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up by The Carpenter Ants

DJ Mike: Well what do you know, the “Ants” have made it uptown. Jim and I reviewed this cut back in the spring and we’ve been playin’ it for quite a while. It’s nice for a great song such as this to be getting this much exposure.

DJ Jim: Gospel Shag at it’s best. If you read our review from a few months ago you know that we’re great fans of The Carpenter Ants. They’ve got five solid cuts on Picnic With The Lord, this being one of them. If this is your first listen to “The Ants” I suggest you find their entire CD. You won’t be sorry.

04 A Satisfy My Soul by Paul Carrack

DJ Jim: Slow, smooth, and really pretty. You just gotta’ sway to this one. Man this has a lotta’ soul and a lotta’ beach and it’ll have people belly-rubbin’ all over the dance floor. Man, you just gotta’ love it.

DJ Mike: I do love it DJ Jim. Blue-eyed soul from one of the best voices no one knows. Although he’s had high exposure from the band “Squeeze” and “Mike and the Mechanics”, lot’s of people still don’t know Paul Carrack. This song has been floating around for a while but should remain on play lists forever.

05 A Halfway Out The Door by S. E. Willis

DJ Mike: Here we go again! Break out the Bop Mops and the Shag Rags cause you’re gonna’ be sweatin’ before this one’s over. This one will keep em’ on the floor for the rest of the night. A tough song we’ll be playin’ for quite some time.

DJ Jim: Another smokin’ slow blusey tune with a ton of soul. Shaggers, Boppers, and Swingers will eat this one up.

06 B+ Aeroplane Blues by Jamie Wood

DJ Jim: This song reminds me of “The Senders”. It’s got Swing just oozin’ outa’ it’s pores. This girl’s got smooth smoky vocals with tons of soul. This is swingin’ blues at it’s best.

DJ Mike: Nice to hear a female growl after all these guys. A classis song that Ms. Wood makes all her own. Some DJ’s will probably slow it down a bit for Shaggin’ but we’ll be playin’ it straight up.

07 B This I Swear by Richard Darbyshire

DJ Mike: Here’s a good change of pace on a Lou Rawls style swinger. This is the first song on the CD designed for the West Coast Swingers or Hustle dancers and it’s excellent.

DJ Jim: Mike’s right, West Coasters will love this one. It absolutely sounds like a Lou Rawls tune. I don’t think our Boppers will like it that much but Swingers will love it.

08 B+ Mad About It by The West Coast Playboys

DJ Jim: A solid blues tune with a drivin’ back beat will have Boppers crowding the floor. I think the Shaggers will like this one as well. It’s solid, smoky, and just screams the blues. I like it.

DJ Mike: I don’t know much about this group except that they nail this cut. I think I’ll cut it a few percent to make it better for Boppers and Shaggers. Great tune.

09 C Lost Alone by Earl Thomas

DJ Mike: I like this cut although I’m unsure what dance style it caters to. I think our Boppers will like it although it won’t be one of their favorites.

DJ Jim: Earl Thomas goes back a long way with our club. “The Way She Shakes That Thang” is a classic we’ve played for years and could be considered a theme song for our club. I like this song ok but it’s not one of my favorites on this CD. It’s not that it’s bad, I just don’t hear it as a great dance tune.

10 A Knock Me A Kiss by The Jumpin' Joz Band

DJ Jim: Slow and sultry, I just love this song. I’ve got a version by B. B. King I really like but this one’s a bit more up-tempo and has superior sound quality. An old favorite done by many artist over the years but it’s classic. I can see the Shaggers hitting the floor big time with this one.

DJ Mike: A sexy smoothie with a west coast flair. Shaggers will be asking about this one every time it’s played. West Coast Swingers will be thrilled with the give and take that allows them to add flourish. On the other hand, Boppers will hit the bar or bathroom!

11 C Talkin' Woman Blues by Blueswagon

DJ Mike: Boppers will be hitchin’ their dance shoes to this blues wagon. It’s definitely go the sound they all love. Shaggers will also find it to their liking.

DJ Jim: This is a good tune although it’s not a standout in my mind. I hear it as a standard sounding blues tune without anything to make it distinctive. Dancers will take the floor when they hear it but I doubt anyone will request it specifically.

12 A+ Lovin Jim by Mickey Champion

DJ Jim: Now this is true blues sung by a true blues artist. She’s old, she’s sultry, she’s a blues queen. If you like blues it don’t get better than this. This song will have our Boppers hitting the floor in mass. Hey, you know I’ve gotta’ love it, after all, she might be singin’ bout’ me.

DJ Mike: You just have to dance to this song. When Mickey growls your fingers will snap, your head will bop, and feet will move. This is in the pocket for Boppers of all ages. This is a terrific cut.

13 C Wherever Love Is Found by Richard Darbyshire

DJ Mike: You can refer back to track 7 for my comments because this song sounds much the same. Not that that’s a bad thing but you can’t have a steady diet of this sound in a Bop club.

DJ Jim: I concur, this song is ok, just not my style of play. I probably won’t be playing this one. I think the beat is suited to West Coasters or Hustlers.

14 A Hard Times by Fathead

DJ Jim: Hard hittin’ and blusy with a lotta’ harp and a strong back beat for dancin’. Our Boppers will love this tune. It’s got guts, it’s raw, I’m movin’ as I type this sentence.

DJ Mike: This is my namesake group. Seriously, these guys just rock. This cut has been doctored a bit to make it pleasing to everyone. If you really want to Bop, try the cut I’ve Been Bluesified off their last CD, First Class Riff-Raff. You’ll enjoy the whole CD.

15 A+ VooDoo, VooDoo by The West Coast Playboys

DJ Mike: Another smokin’ blues cut that just jumps outta’ the speakers. Reminds me of Duke Robillard or The Fabulous Jellyrolls. These guys have two great cuts on this CD, I can’t wait for a full CD from them.

DJ Jim: Smokin’ is right! Man this tune really cooks. A drivin’ bass beat and guitar rifts out the wazoo! Mike’s right, sounds like “The Duke” to me. I can see our Boppers wall to wall and movin’ like a school of lemming on the dance floor. They’re gonna’ love this one.

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