It's A Beach Thang Vol 4
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It's A Beach Thang! Vol. 4

Various Artist

Ecko Records: ECD1046

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: B

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Overall this CD has a couple of "A" songs but lots more "B" and "C" songs. We'll definitely be playing the Rick Lawson I'm In A Beach Music Mood for quite some time, it's really the best song on the CD. You really have to like songs with a soul sound since so many of these seem to have that sound. If you were to buy this CD and just listen, you probably like most of it. Having to listen while doing the review leads to a bit of boredom. There just isn't enough variety to the songs to keep the CD interesting. This CD is available from all your beach music suppliers.

Track Rating BPM Review
01 A+ 112

I'm In A Beach Music Mood by Rick Lawson.

DJ Jim: Aaahhh Yes! Myrtle Beach all the way. This one will definitely appeal to the Shaggers. It's smooth and sexy and just right for Shaggin'. I think the West Coasters will love this one as well since they tend to like these slower sultry tunes. Boppers, well it's not bad but it's not a Bop tune.  DJ Mike: "In the pocket" and headed to number one. This song bring together all the elements needed to make a top song. Distinctive sound, top notch vocals, and a hook to draw you right into the song. You just can't sit down when you hear this one. Great Job

02 A 104 Hoochie Dance by Barbara Carr.

DJ Mike:  Yesiree, a little Hoochie song here. This one's been a dance floor filler for quite some time now. Our dancers seem to have a lot of fun with this one. It's a little risqué and that makes our dancers smile and that's what it's all about.  DJ Jim: I hear ya' buddy. Barbara Carr has always been one of my favorites. A little nasty, but smooth with a ton of soul this is another one for the Shaggers among us. Even though it's a little slower than our Boppers usually like, I think they appreciate the sultry nature of this one and dance to it anyway. I like it.

03 B 112 Goin' Back To Cheatin' by Charles Wilson.

DJ Jim: A little Bop, a little Rhythm and Blues, this one is definitely great for Bopping but it still works well for Shaggers and West Coasters. This one's got a similar sound to the Barbara Carr song above. Another smooth tune with a great back beat.   DJ Mike: You're definitely on the money about the similar sound. That theme has been repeated in all previous "It's A Beach Thang" compilations. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Ecko has a unique sound all their own. As for this song I feel even though it's only listed as 112 BPM I think I'd slow it down a bit more, maybe 2 or 3 percent to make it a bit Boppier. DJ Jim: I agree, I think it's faster than 112 beats per minute. I don't know whether it's the sound of the song or maybe the beats are listed incorrectly, but it sounds faster than 112.

04 B- 102 Dance Party by Quinn Golden.

DJ Mike: This one's a nice change of pace. Our dancers will hear a Cha Cha on this one but it's definitely a song suitable for the Shaggers. I think it's a good song but I don't see myself playing this one very often. I just think there are better songs on the album  DJ Jim: I like this one fairly well although I agree with DJ Mike, there are better tunes on the CD. It's nice and smooth and it's a Cha Cha for sure. I find myself feeling it's a better song for listening than it is for dancing. It has soul and a good Rhythm and Blues sound. I like it but I might not play it often if ever.

05 C 108 Back In The Day by Chuck Roberson.

DJ Jim: I don't play many songs by Chuck Roberson. I guess his sound isn't what I'm looking for most of the time. This is probably another in that vein. It's a little funky. You could do a Cha Cha to it. You would definitely call it a Shaggers song although I can't say that it distinguishes itself from other songs which are just as good or better for Shagging. I guess overall I like the song just fine but I don't hear anything that makes me feel like I'll be spinning it anytime soon. DJ Mike: This one makes me want to break out my White suit and Bee Gee records, not that I could still wear it and yes I know....I shouldn't even have it...but shen Chuck goes sookie sookie now it just takes me back a ways. Seriously it's a fun song the Hustle and West Coast crowd should like. I'll play it occasionally.

06 C 110 You Were Wrong by Sheba Potts-Wright.

DJ Mike: This song's been on the charts for quite some time now but honestly I don't really know why. It's just too slow to do much with. Like some of the other songs on this Cd, it's nice to listen to but not one I would put on my play list. DJ Jim: I agree. It's a Shag or West Coast tune and I do like the sound. Once again I find I like listening to it more than I think I'd like playing it. Of course, since we cater to the Bop crowd it lacks some of what we look for in a song. If I were playing to Shaggers it's got more going for it but I have to tell you, I think all these slow Shag style tunes get boring after a while. I love a smoothie as much as the next person but after a few tunes like this one I find I want to "Kick It Up A Notch".

07 B 110 Where's The Juke Joint In This Town by Rick Lawson.

DJ Jim: Another slow tempo but this one has a distinctive Rhythm and Blues sound rather than a Beach sound. Playing for Boppers I tend to listen for this sound. Even though it's got the sound I like I would need to speed this one up 3 or 4 percent and even then it would be a bit too slow for my tastes. Once again I like the song I'm just not sure I'd play it very often. DJ Mike: I agree with DJ Jim, punchin' it up 3 or 4 percent would be the way to go. But there is a contingent of our dancers who really enjoy the "Juke Joint" sound with a slow grind. Rick has a good blues voice and it doesn't drag as much as some of the others.

08 C 111 Somebody's After My Freak by Lee Shot Williams.

DJ Mike: I don't care for this one. The tempo's just a bit too busy to be a good dance floor filler. Our Hustle dancers would probably like it while our Boppers would head to the bar for a cold one while it plays. DJ Jim: Another slow Shag sound that the West Coasters and Hustle dancers would like. As a matter of fact I hear this one distinctively as a West Coast swing tune even more than a Shag tune. I like it, just not a lot. DJ Mike: I have a question DJ Jim. Since this album's full of Hoochies, Freaks, and Cheaters, do you think anyone here is happily married. DJ Jim: Well you wouldn't think so by listening would you but then it is R & B and gettin' nasty is what it's all about. DJ Mike: Amen Brother!

09 B 101 I've Been Partying At The Hole In The Wall by Barbara Carr.

DJ Jim: Typical Barbara Carr. It's got her usual sound. Once again it's a bit slow for my tastes but I tend to like Barbara Carr songs. Something about the way she sings makes me feel like movin'.... Hmmmm. DJ Mike: We're definitely giving equal time to the Hoochie Mama's as well as the Hoochie Daddies but I agree with you Jim, it definitely makes you want to move. I plus it about 3 percent and our dancers seem to really enjoy it.

10 C- 100 24/7 by Rick Lawson.

DJ Mike: I guess for Rick, two our of three ain't bad. He has two other hits on this CD so I guess it's ok to have one that just doesn't seem to be on par. If I had to listen to this song for 24/7 I'd go nuts. It's too slow and seems to drag and for Gods sake can't we change the theme a bit. This CD seems to have the same sound on each song. DJ Jim: You're right, it's too slow to be exciting. You could Shag to this one but I'd be afraid I might fall asleep midway through the song. Overall this CD seems to be sticking to this Northern soul sound. Lots of Cha Cha aimed squarely at Shaggers but by song 10 it's beginning to get a little boring.

11 C- 108 I'm Your Candy Man by Chuck Roberson.

DJ Jim: More soul. It's hard to tell when 24/7 stops and I'm You're Candy Man starts. More Cha Cha, more slow tempos, still stickin' to the nasty theme. Once again not a bad song for listening but I just can't see myself playing this song for our dancers. I don't think I'd play it for Shaggers either. It just doesn't do very much for me. DJ Mike: At least it seems like we're picking the tempo up a little bit. I'd be tempted to play this one but I'd speed it up several percent and I'd play it later in the night. Just remember kids he ain't talkin' bout' Christmas.

12 B+ 120 When This Dance Is Over by Bill Coday.

DJ Mike: Now this is a nice song. Our dancers Cha Cha and Slow Dance to it. Bill Coday definitely sticks to the same theme as the other songs on this CD but keeps it a bit classier. I get a good reaction from our crowd when I play this one. Shaggers should love this one. DJ Jim: Typical Bill Coday tune. Slow and sultry but as Mike says a bit cleaner than some of the other tunes on this CD. I agree that the Shaggers will like this one but our dancers often want something slower for a bit of belly-rubbin' and this one's got what it takes for that for sure. Smooth and silky.

13 C 118 The Strong Do Cry by Lee Shot Williams.

DJ Jim: Still more soul and I have to tell you I hear a lot of echo in the vocals of this song. I'm not sure I like the sound of it. Once again it's not a bad song but I'm just tired of the same old sound at this point. I can't say that I would ever play this tune. I'd call it a Shag or West Coast song but it doesn't distinguish itself enough to justify playing. DJ Mike: It seem that Lee Shot is trying to channel Jerry Butler and Only The Strong Survive. I think he misses the mark. I agree with you about the vocals. It sounds a little like it was recorded in a well but I'm glad to see the tempo picking up a bit. Still, I don't think I'll be playing this one either.

14 B+ 120 I Can't Stand It by Sunny Ridell.

DJ Mike: A little funky, I think I can work with this one. Definitely more of a Blues tune than the rest of the album, mainly because we've finally changed songwriters. Punch it up 3 or 4 percent and we're got a good song for our Boppers. I'll make sure I play it and see if I'm right. DJ Jim: Right on. A little funky is right and it still has that soul sound the rest of this CD has. I hear this as a Bop tune although I too would speed it up a bit. As is stands it works well for Shagging so it should appeal to a variety of dance styles. I'd play this one

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