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New Friends, New Music

Various Artist

Flipside Records: 1212

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: "B"

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We really like ten out of fourteen songs. Weíll rate this CD a solid "B".

Some new artist along with some familiar ones. This is a good CD with something for every dance style, itís just not a really great CD.

Some tunes will really grab you and make you want to dance while others are better listening tunes.

This is Billy Scott production and is a new release for Fall SOS 2002. It may be hard to find except at your specialty stores such as Judyís House of Oldies, or directly from Flip Side Records at:

This is probably a good CD to add to your collection.

Track Rating Review
01 B

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin by The Joe Pope Tams.

DJ Jim: This is a pretty good re-make of an old song, good beat without having a driving backbeat. DJ Mike: I feel itís a little too fast for dancing, seems busy, could probably be slowed a bit. Only a fair dance tune.

02 B Let Me Love You Baby by The Delta Riders.

DJ Mike: This is a better song for Boppers if we speed it up a bit. DJ Jim: I agree, this is more suited to Bop style dance. Shaggers will like it but might want it a bit slower. DJ Mike: The vocals get a bit redundant. DJ Jim: True, but still not bad.

03 A+ Long Legs by Ricky Paul.

DJ Jim: I like this song. Definitely a bit bluesy but has a catchy beat. Good tune for Boppers. DJ Mike: I agree, I like it a lot, works straight up. Fun song thatíll have them singing while they dance. DJ Jim: This song makes you want to dance.

04 A Shake Your Hips by Sea Cruz.

DJ Mike: Grabs Ya, this one will pull them to the dance floor. DJ Jim: Couldnít agree more. Sea Cruz just had a good album release. They seem to be on a roll. This song makes you want to dance.

05 B Iím Yours by Majic.

DJ Jim: This song is definitely Myrtle Beach. I donít think the Boppers will like it very much. DJ Mike: Nice Smoothie but not likely to draw you to the dance floor. DJ Jim: I have to say this song isnít one of my favorites on this CD, sounds ok but not great. It has a poor ending.

06 C Rocking Chair by Courtney Mitchell.

DJ Mike: Great old popular disco cut which might appeal to the West Coast Swingers. DJ Jim: I canít see this song appealing to Boppers, Shaggers might like it as well as West Coasters. Not a bad song but it doesnít grab you.

07 C A Good Fool Is Hard To Find by Ceasar.

DJ Jim: Sounds like a cross between Soul and Swing. I thinks itís too fast straight up. DJ Mike: This is a hard song to categorize, but I think weíd need to slow it down. Itís too fast for West Coast Swing. This isnít my favorite cut.

08 C Sweaty Leather by The Jam Association.

DJ Mike: Good song but too jazzy. Probably works for West Coasters. DJ Jim: I donít care for this song. Boppers would dance to it but probably wouldnít request it. Iím not fond of this one.

09 A+ Green Grass by Still Cruziní.

DJ Jim: This is a great version of Green Grass. Shaggers and Boppers will love it. This is better than the version by "The Fabulous Kays". It has more soul. It's worth buying the CD to get this song. Great job "Still Cruzin". DJ Mike: Best song on the album, works for both camps. Weíll be playing this one for a long time.

10 A Bad Girl by The Sugar Bees.

DJ Mike: Another successful group with another hit here. This will pull the Boppers to the floor. DJ Jim: Right on brother, this song cooks. Boppers will love it. Bluesy but quick. The "Sugar Bees" rock.

11 C- Never Been To Love by Sheila Digh.

DJ Jim: Myrtle Beach Smoothie but not a standout song. It just doesn't do much for me. Kind of a lounge sound. DJ Mike: Another generic Smoothie without personality. Not bad but not good.

12 A He Donít Love You by Clay Brown.

DJ Mike: This is a good version of this song. Great Cha Cha. DJ Jim: Good vocals and sound, definitely a beach tune. I really like this one and I think the Shaggers will too.

13 A Canít Do It Like I Used To by Billy Scott and The Prophets.

DJ Jim: Boppers will like this. Shaggers too if they like a quick Shag. I like this song quite a bit. DJ Mike: Billy Scottís last few songs have been slow, nice to hear an upbeat one from him, Cute song.

14 B I Got To Go by Sonya Moore.

DJ Mike: Definitely a West Coast Swing tune but not a tune for the Boppers. DJ Jim: Slow, sultry, West Coasters will like it, maybe Shaggers, but I agree, not the Boppers. Could be called a slow Blues song but to my ear, it's a little slick for Blues.

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