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Rhythm And Beach

R & B Superband

Various Artists

QuickHouse Music: 2317

Genre: Beach

Overall CD Rating: "C"

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DJ Mike: Overall I appreciate the effort, but for my money it sounds like "Elevator Shag". It needs more soul and less schmaltz.

DJ Jim: I can't really say this is a terrible CD, it's just not that good. I know some DJ's are raving about this production, but I just don't hear it. Although there are a couple of songs which work, most leave me feeling nothing. If you "can't feel the groove" you won't dance to it. Nothing on most of this CD says "get out to that floor and dance". I don't think I'll be playing from it very often.

If we haven't scared you off and you really want to own this CD, you will find it at all of your Beach Music specialty stores such as Judy's House of Oldies or The Wax Museum. See our links page for addresses.

Track Rating Review
01 B

Kick It Up A Step, Lead Vocals: Mark Black.

DJ Jim: Beach Bop with good production but average vocals. Not quite Shag, not quite Bop, not quite Swing. DJ Mike: Nice Myrtle Beach sound but bad vocals. Doesnít make me want to dance.

02 B Don't Turn Your Heater Down, Lead Vocals: Jim Quick & Gary Brown.

DJ Mike: Sounds a little like Delbert McClinton but needs help. DJ Jim: This song is rather slow but might appeal to Shaggers and Boppers. I think I'd probably speed it up just a bit. It's not a bad song but I've heard better.

03 A Love Makes A Woman, Lead Vocals: Christy Ballance.

DJ Jim: Makes me feel the groove. DJ Mike: True Myrtle Beach sound with great female vocals and good production. This song will appeal to Shaggers and West Coasters. This oneís in the pocket. DJ Jim: This is a good Blues Bop tune with some soul for a change. I like this song. Christy Ballance's vocals are very good.

04 C I Do My Best Work At Night, Lead Vocals: Bobby Bruce.

DJ Mike: Makes me feel like Iím in a bad bar. DJ Jim: It's not that bad! This song seems like an average filler tune. Itís not bad and people would dance to it, but it lacks "oompfh". So far this CDís leaving me a little cold, I expected better. It smacks of white boy blues, in other words: ďIt ainít got no soulĒ.

05 B Don't Fight It (Feel It), Lead Vocals: Jerry West.

DJ Jim: Another Delbert wannabe, "nuff said". DJ Jim: Once again, not necessarily a bad song but not great. This CD seems like a collection of singers looking for a style of their own, which of course it is. A Blues Bop tune.

06 D Hello It's Me, Lead Vocals: Christy Ballance.

DJ Mike: Oh No, not Todd Rundgren for a "belly rubbin' song". DJ Jim: Too weak to make me want to belly rub. I really liked her last song. I don't know what this one's on here for. Iím beginning to regret buying this CD.

07 C Just Like The Movies, Lead Vocals: Clifford Curry.

DJ Jim: Clifford Curry doing a gospel sounding blues song but at least itís got soul although itís really slow. DJ Mike: C.C. rules but it could stand a little pep. Buy C.C.ís CD instead.

08 C Sooner Or Later, Lead Vocals: Dink Perry.

DJ Jim: Oh No...more commercial sounding beach music. Man this CD is sounding weaker with each song, and itís Dink Perry, he should be ashamed. DJ Mike: At least the West Coast crowd will like it. DJ Jim: I donít think so, it just doesnít make you want to get up and dance. It's definitely Beach, just weak to my ears.

09 A I Walked Alone, Lead Vocals: Gary Brown.

DJ Jim: Nice vocal on 9, smooth, it seems a bit fast for a slow song and a bit slow for a fast song, but it has a good sound. Iíd rate it second best on the CD. DJ Mike: Good vocals with nice production. Our dancers will hear a Cha Cha but overall a nice shag smoothie.

10 A Flash In The Pan, Lead Vocals: Jim Quick.

DJ Jim: Finally, a track with potential but I hate those horns. Itís got the beat. Itís got soul. Itís the best track so far although I think Shaggers will find it too fast, Boppers and Swing dancers will probably like it. DJ Mike: Good Bop Blues which will drive them to the dance floor but I think the vocals need a little help.

11 C- Just As Long As We Have Each Other, Lead Vocals: Christy Ballance & Jerry West.

DJ Mike: DJ Mike: This song is getting a lot of airplay for some unknown reason. DJ Jim: Sounds just like the rest to me, lame commercial sound with mostly good vocals from Christy Ballance, but Jerry West's vocals sound a little sick. During their duets, it really begins to sound bad. I don't like it very much.

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