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Overall CD Rating: "A"

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We thought it would be interesting and informative to review a variety of songs from artist whose names might be well known, and others you might not have heard of before. Each cover art picture is a hot link to the artist web site or one related to the artist. This should help you find the CD if you are inclined. Some will be available from the major music vendors, some from beach music vendors, and some directly from the artist web sites. We love all these songs so each is rated an "A".

Track Cover Review

Move It “Ride Till I Die” George Thorogood.

DJ Mike: Line Em’ Up. All you line dancers beware this one’s gonna’ be in your repritoir for a long time. It really kicks although some dancers will want us to kick it up a bit more. Get ready to “Push Your Tush”. DJ Jim: This song reminds me of Line Up and you’re right, it’s definitely a line dance song. I can tell our dancers will really like this one. Although we’re not officially a line dance club it goes without saying single dancers everywhere really like them. I think this one’s a winner but don’t count on anything else from this CD scheduled for release 03/25/2003. The rest is typically Thorogood.


Lipstick Powder and Paint “That’s Right” Roomful of Blues.

DJ Jim: I love this song. I’ve got so many versions the last thing I need is another one but what the heck, this one’s really good. Shaggers won’t like it as much because it’s quite fast right out of the box but Boppers will eat it up.  DJ Mike: I’m a little prejudiced here because these guys are one of my favorite groups. If you do the Imperial Swing or like a fast Bop this one’s right up your alley. It jumps off the CD and makes you want to get up and move your feet. These guys have had many incarnations but they keep coming up with winners. If you like a swing sound, grab this CD


We Can’t Make It “That’s Right” Roomful of Blues.

DJ Mike: Here’s one for the West Coast crowd or smooth Boppers. Unlike Lipstick Powder and Paint this one will have broader appeal. No pitch control is necessary, it’s fine straight up with a nice smooth sound. DJ Jim: This one has a great Blues Bop sound that works for just about any dance style. I think the Shaggers will really like it but my West Coast Swing friends eat this tempo up. Boppers won’t feel left out although it’s at the slow end of acceptable for Bop dancing. It has a great mix of Blues and Swing combined. Most songs by Roomful of Blues seem to be too fast for most of the dancers I play to but there’s no question this one’s good.


I’m Getting Drunk “Guitar Brothers” Joe Louis Walker with Otis Grand.

DJ Jim: This is a great Blues tune with some swing sound thrown in for good measure from two great players. This is another song which will appeal to all styles of dance but if you’re a Blues fan you’ve got to like this one unless you don’t enjoy guitar rifts because as the name implies, it’s full of them. DJ Mike: I call this cryin’ in your beer boppin’ blues. I hear this primarily a Bop tune. I’ve been playing it for our dancers for quite a while now and it always pulls a crowd to the dance floor. If you’re a real blues fan you’ll like this one just for listening. This CD has a little bit of everything from swing to standard blues. You just can’t lose when you have these two on board.


I’m Gonna Love You “Guitar Brothers” Joe Louis Walker with Otis Grand.

DJ Mike: I think this one smokes. Actually I think it’s even better than I’m Getting Drunk. True Blues Bop dancers love this sound. I think the sound resembles Curley Bridges or The River City Blues Band and you can read our reviews on these two on our web site at by clicking the “Hot Taw Mighty II” CD. DJ Jim: It’s got a lotta' harp so if you don’t like harp playin’ you might not like this one but I have to tell ya’ I like it. It sticks to the blues and I think that’s what our music is all about but the tempo is more to my liking than a lot of blues tunes. This one will pull our dancers to the floor in a heartbeat and if you don’t mind a quick Shag, it’ll work for that too.

06 Jump The Joint

She Wants To Dance With Me “Jump The Joint” Eugene Hideaway Bridges.

DJ Jim: Now here’s one for the Shaggers. This one’s off of a new CD by Hideaway from Armadillo Music ( This one’s smooth as silk with Eugene’s great vocals and some outstanding guitar rifts and just makes you think of the Beach. The tempo makes this one work for most dance styles so everyone should be happy with it. DJ Mike:  Once again “Hideaway” is channeling for Sam Cooke and it sounds great. If we could convince him to redo Don’t Cry On My Shoulder he’d have a trifecta no one could touch when you include Movin’ and Groovin”. This one should be on everyone’s Top 10 before the end of the year. It’s obscure but if you can find it get it.


Who’s Cheating Who “My Love For The Blues” Mike Anderson Band.

DJ Mike: Awesome. Myrtle Beach all the way. I don’t really know much about this guy but if he keeps producing songs like this one he won’t be obscure very long. This has all the elements you want, a great tag line, horns, you name it. Play it straight up for Shaggers or with a little positive pitch for the Boppers. Find this one where you can. DJ Jim: I couldn’t agree more. This guy has a great smooth sound and the song has a nice back beat so the dancers should flock to the floor for this one. Man you just have to move to this one. It’s really beachy but I’d have to call it blues all the way. The guitar rifts sound a bit like BB King. Good song.


I Believe “My Love For The Blues” Mike Anderson Band.

DJ Jim: We thought we’d throw in another one by Mike Anderson. This one’s especially for the Shag crowd. It’s got just the right tempo for Shaggers but you’ll have to give it a little start time. When it starts it sounds a little Bluesy with a guitar rift that, to my ears anyway, is a bit annoying but then the smoothness starts. Although the guitar continues through the song I still like the sound, I just think it takes away from what would otherwise be a really great ballad. DJ Mike:  I agree on this one DJ Jim. Mike sounds like he had BB King tune his guitar, but aside from that, once the horns kick in you can definitely hear the beach and I think it will have a certain appeal. I also hear this as a good West Coast song.


Got To Find A Lover “From Austin With Soul” W. C. Clark.

DJ Mike: Two other songs off this album got some attention last year but for my money this one’s the winner. It’s smooth as silk from the vocals to the instrumentation. I don’t know how this one got overlooked. Try it for any crowd but definitely a good one for the Shaggers. Don’t ignore this one. DJ Jim: DJ Mike’s right on this one. This is one of his finds and I agree with him, it’s smooth, it grooves, it’s got great blues vocals, what more could you ask for. It’s more a Shaggers or West Coast Swingers song than a Bop tune but I feel certain Bop dancers would figure out how to dance to it as well. I like this one for listening too


John The Revelator  “Picnic With The Lord” The Carpenter Ants.

DJ Jim: Now I have to tell you, I love The Carpenter Ants and I really like this song. One of the things I like about this group is their gospel nature. I love gospel shag tunes and I don’t think there’s nearly enough of them out there. This song is going to have the Shaggers and Boppers alike flocking to the dance floor. It just has a great smooth sound. I love it. DJ Mike: Most everyone should be familiar with Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up by now and if you’re not, you should be. This is going to be a natural follow-up to that hit. If you enjoy Roy Rogers or the new Vince Gill song this is right up your alley. Take a bit of swamp, add some bop, and you’ve got a formula that cooks. Amen Brother! Available from


It Takes Everything To Serve God “Picnic With The Lord” The Carpenter Ants.

DJ Mike: Gospel West Coast Swing. The Ants seem to tone it down a bit from the Bop sound to give the West Coasters a chance on the floor. I would keep it at the same speed because I think it works well just as it's recorded.  DJ Jim: Really cool! Nice and slow and like Mike says, great for West Coast Swing dancers. I think this song exemplifies what is gospel to me. I love the organ, it just makes me want to sway to the rhythm. Great song for those who love a Shag smoothie. Available from


Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up “Picnic With The Lord” The Carpenter Ants.

DJ Jim: Oh Yes! This is Sunday morning gospel at it's finest. In my opinion this is the best song on this CD. While it's a little slow for most styles of dance save for West Coast Swing I've found our Bop dancers just make it work. I see people on the dance floor with their hands in the air and their heads swaying to this one. Man, if the Ants read this, you guys just gotta' do more of this. DJ Mike: Simply one of the most requested songs we play. It doesn't sound like anything else we play or frankly that we have ever played. I often plus it 2 to 3 percent  just to give it a little more kick and our dancers seem to like it that way. Great song. Available from


He’s An On Time God “Picnic With The Lord” The Carpenter Ants.

DJ Mike: You can include this one in your Sunday morning gospel show. These guys just keep coming up with great gospel shag tunes. They even throw in a Hammond organ for good measure. While not quite as catchy as Revelator or Wrapped Up it’s still an outstanding dance tune with some flourish for the West Coasters if slowed down a bit. DJ Jim:  Mike’s right on when he mentions the organ. One of the trademarks of this group is Winston Walls on the Hammond B-3 organ. I remember this sound from the rock groups of the 70’s and it’s what gives this group such a unique sound. It's just another great gospel song from this group and I have to tell you the Shaggers ought to be thankful. We're always looking for great gospel tunes and seldom find good danceable songs. This CD is giving you not one, but five, praise the Lord!  Shaggers, Boppers, and West Coasters listen up, get this CD as it’s just loaded with great music. Available from

14 Workin' On A Building “Picnic With The Lord” The Carpenter Ants.

DJ Jim: Another great gospel tune from the Carpenter Ants. A little faster than the other songs in this review this one works well for Boppers, Shaggers, and West Coast Swing dancers. Like the other Ant's songs this one has a catchy beat that makes you want to move to it. I really like this one a lot. DJ Mike: If there are any Black Gospel church's out there looking for a house band, the Ant's are your band. Seriously, these guys have song after song that are so distinctive that it's a wonder they're not on a major label. This is another floor filler and doesn't need any manipulations whatsoever. I would even leave in the rather fast ending just for fun. I challenge any Bop or Shag DJ not playing these guys to play them one time for their crowd and watch the response. I guarantee success. Available from

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