Sweet Jamboree
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Sweet Jamboree


Mariann Grammofon MLPCD3313

Genre: Rhythm & Blues

Overall CD Rating: "B"

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We thought we’d review an obscure group called “Bluebirds”, not “The Bluebirds”, just “Bluebirds”. Yes they’re two different groups although they have similar sounds. “The Bluebirds” play blues in Shreveport, LA while “Bluebirds” are a blues band from Sweden .. go figure! We’ll say right up front, this CD … ain’t for Shaggers!. It wouldn’t be for Boppers either were it not for rather liberal use of the pitch control on our CD players. While it’s definitely up-tempo, it also rocks with a sound that’s part blues, part rock-a-billy, a smidge of country, and a bit of Cajun all thrown together to form a sound which reminds us of The Mojo Blues Bands on speed. Seriously, although the songs tend to be quite fast, these guys are pretty good and probably more than a bit obscure here in America.

Although this CD will not be everyone’s cup of tea we really like it. These guys do a great job with some terrific jump tunes. It’s easy to get this group confused with the other group of the same name so pay close attention if you’re browsing for titles by Bluebirds. While it’s probably not for the Shaggers among us, Boppers and especially Imperial Swingers or even Lindy Hoppers should love it. Our ratings reflect how well we think the songs work for Boppers and Shaggers.

This CD is available online through FYE at www.fye.com. You might also wish to visit the groups website at http://www.bluebirds.se-swed.net/ to read a bit about them.

Track Rating Review
01 B-

Sweet Jamboree

DJ Mike: This is a smokin’ rave although it needs to be cut about 13 percent. If you have a player which can cut the tempo without changing the pitch I’d advise using it here although it’s a great jam at any speed.

 DJ Jim: Right on Mike although we have a number of dancers here in Louisville who’d hit the floor to this song straight up. Really, it’s too fast as it is but it’s got the right beat, so slow it down and you’ll have a winner.

02 B+ You Don't Know

DJ Jim: Here’s a blues tune that’s just a tad fast. Our Boppers will like it straight out of the box but I know Shaggers will find it too fast. I like the strong back beat. Overall I like this one.

DJ Mike:  You can get by cutting this one by 5 to 10 percent, but it’s worth it. It’s a great Blues Bop with good vocals and production. Although these tunes are a bit hot there are some gems here if you have the patience to work with them.

03 B Wake Me Up

DJ Mike: To make this one danceable it’ll need to be cut by 8 to 10 percent. For those brave at heart try playing it straight up. It’ll make the crowd jump. It’s just a great rockin’ tune.

DJ Jim: Another up-tempo tune with a good beat. This song would have the Imperial Swing dancers from St. Louis hitting the floor by the droves. This is exactly what they like to dance to and they’d like the beat straight up.

04 D So You Got What It Takes

DJ Jim: Now this one just doesn’t work at all for me. It’s not that it has a bad sound, it’s just got a syncopated beat that would be impossible to dance to. I wouldn’t be willing to play this one at all.

DJ Mike: A nice change of pace but I don’t know exactly what style of dancer would like this one. Maybe the free-stylers would like it.

05 D I Won't Let You In

DJ Mike: This is slow burning blues really only good for listenin’ although the production seems pretty good.

DJ Jim: Now this is what I like to call “get down blues”. While Scandinavians could never really qualify as a true “Blues Band” they do a pretty good job of sounding like one. I agree with Mike, this one’s a listener only although I’ll bet you enjoy it more than you might think. Definitely not a dancer though.

06 B Bonnie Bee

DJ Jim: This song reminds me of Singin’ The Blues by The Mills Brothers from Smoothies Volume One, only a lot faster. It’s not that the entire song sounds like it but if you take the time to listen to both tunes I thinks you’ll see what I mean. That said this is another fast Boppin’ tune. Slow it down 5 or 6 percent and the Boppers will like it.

DJ Mike: Kudos DJ Jim, you definitely hit it on the head, this does sound like Singin’ The Blues with a bit of Honky Tonk thrown in. Of course if you cut it about 12 percent you’ll probably hear what we’re talkin’ about. Fast dancers and quick Boppers will love it, use it where you can.

07 B Oooh Whee Baby

DJ Mike: Fifties sytle with a little “Stroll” mixed in. You can cut this by about 5 percent and see what your crowd thinks. I think they might like it.

DJ Jim: Now this one does remind me of Mojo Blues. It’s their version of get-down blues without the gutsy feel of real Blues. Although this cut is a bit slow for Boppers, Shaggers will be ok with the speed, it just doesn’t have that “Beachy” feel.

08 A My Baby's One Of A Kind

DJ Jim: Now this one works for Boppers or Shaggers straight up. If this group adopted this tempo on more of their songs they’d have some sure winners with the dancers. Perfect beat, great back beat, Blues sound, ..perfect.

DJ Mike: Here’s one that jam’s straight up, no cutting on this one. Not only will this one have the Boppers streaming to the floor the Shaggers ears should perk up as well. Good song.

09 C It Ain't Worth It

DJ Mike: This is a stand at the bar and cry in your beer song but go ahead and catch your breath, this CD still has a few good ones left.

DJ Jim: This one’s a slow tune and while it’s not nearly the best slow song I’ve ever heard it should be adequate enough to get people to the dance floor for a little belly rubbin’. I can’t honestly say I’d ever play this one though.

10 A+ Rumble & Stumble

DJ Jim: Best song so far on this CD. Here’s another one with the right beat and tempo to satisfy a whole bunch of dancers. Once again it’s got a great back beat which just makes you want to move your feet, your head, your hands, hell..everything. I like this one.

DJ Mike: This is my absolute favorite on this CD. This one smokes from beginning to end. It’s perfect for Boppers everywhere. My crowd loved every minute of it when I played it for them recently. Put it on and watch what happens.

11 B Desire

DJ Mike: Now this one reminds me of Honky Tonk. We’ve got a new lead singer on this one and while his vocals aren’t quite as good as the other lead they’re still pretty good. This is a good slow Bop which doesn’t need much help if any.

DJ Jim: Slow Blues with another good back beat. I think the Shaggers will like this one as the tempo’s just about right for Shagging and the strong beat makes it fun.

12 C Sea Cruise

DJ Jim: All I can say is this one’s been done a million times and while this is a fairly good rendition, it not the best I’ve heard. They play with a strong back beat but the vocals seems a bit flat and the song never quite makes me feel like dancing. It’s ok.

DJ Mike: While Sea Cruise is not a song you’d normally hear on a Blues album, I think this version has some fun elements to it. You can cut it 5 to 6 percent but it will somehow loose it’s flavor. Throw this one in for fun sometimes.

13 F Crazy Love

DJ Mike: This one just doesn’t work any way you look at it. The vocals seem strained and it has an odd beat. I really don’t even like to listen to it. I guess every CD has at least one filler song, and this one seems to be it.

DJ Jim: I agree with DJ Mike, I don’t care for this one. He’s right about the beat, it’s another syncopated beat that’s constantly changing. I don’t like this one at all.

14 C Matching Numbers

DJ Jim: Thumpin’ Jumpin’ Rockin’ Blues in the vein of Duke Robillard. It’s fast and furious and would have the St. Louis crowd back on the floor goin’ absolutely crazy! Slow it down quite a bit and the Boppers will love it. Sorry Shaggers, I just don’t think this one’s for you.

DJ Mike: If you have the ability to cut this one about 20 percent, you’re in like flint. Other than that, somebodu’s goin’ to have a heart attack. Whew

15 A Cuttin' In

DJ Mike: If you want to end your night on a really good, slow, belly-rubber, this is your song. Nice vocals and a great oldies sound, I really like this one.

DJ Jim: Mike’s right once again. This one’s got Blues just oozin’ out of it and with a tempo that’ll keep most of the slow dancers happy. This tunes probably got the most pure “soul” of any song on this CD. Every so often, on just a few of the words, it sounds like Taj Mahal singing.

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